Lead developer and designer, managing and ensuring that all content and pages are working properly and that the system is up and running at all times. Utilizing a variety of web optimization tools, the loading times for both and went from 4-5secs to 1.42 – 2.74sec range. Overall website ‘weight’ was reduced from 5mb to between 1.8 – 2mb.

The newly built and full responsive website was launched days prior to Ooma’s IPO and since launch has garnered a 25% increase in SEO traffic and 15k increase in weekly viewers.

In September 2015, I developed and launched, Ooma’s website for its Canadian users, with localization for both english and french speakers. Website began as a WordPress duplicate of its U.S. counterpart and is slowly evolving into its own entity. Again there was heavy customization via PHP, JS, and CSS. Since launch traffic has grown steadily by 10%, SEO by 25% as well and conversions increased by 50%.

Daily Skillset:
– WordPress Development : HTML, JS, CSS, PHP & Javascript, Theme Builds, WordPress Core additions
– HTML5 email creation
– Website optimization from code to SEO
– Responsive Design & Development